Coming Soon – Abel Apparel!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for popping by to the official website for Abel Apparel! We have a lot of exciting stuff coming soon so please keep checking back and in the meantime go and visit The Lions Barber Collective official website by clicking…. HERE! We work closely with The Lions Barber Collective, Papyrus UK and Pieta House to raise awareness for the prevention of young suicide.

What is Abel… am I Able?!

Abel Apparel aims to be a positive creative outlet supporting the work of The Lions Barber Collective in the prevention of young suicide. You can read more about us, what we do, what we enjoy and a lot more by clicking here! Suicide, depression, anxiety, stress and many more “invisible” illnesses affect so many of us and yet it is still a topic most people will do their best to avoid or not talk about. We want to work on removing the taboo/stigma that surrounds the illnesses so people can feel comfortable talking about how they are feeling to family, friends, professionals and even strangers. Abel was a shepherd, a shepherd is a leader, we are here to create, survive, lead, listen and clothe. We are Abel.

Coming Soon!

Paul has been working on this Oscar Wilde / retro vinyl style inspired design which will be available very soon!

Coming Soon

We will be releasing all our designs on various super high quality garments to make you feel and look like a million dollars (other currencies are available). All our items are hand made to order from our screen printing warehouse in Devon.

You will find us…

Over the next few months we hope to attend as many events and shows as possible, come see us and become Abel.

Thanks for reading! We hope to see, speak and clothe you soon!

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